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I would just like to thank you guys again for your assistance in finding the perfect ring for my now fiance. What I wanted to find out from you was how we can go about making the ring smaller, it is slightly too big for her finger.

Milnerton Ridge

Anna is liking it the more and more she looks at it, so more than likely we will just get it resized. in any case look forward to chatting with you soon when we visit. Will let you know exact dates shortly. How long will you need it for if we just get it re-sized?

Grant Robinson

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in making my engagement so memorable. My proposal when perfectly and my fiancée loved the ring. I proposed on Saturday night, at the Westcliffe and am now looking forward to all the wedding plans that will follow. I will be in contact in the New Year to discuss plans on the wedding band to accompany the Engagement ring. Thank you again and have an amazing festive season.

Kind regards
Viresh Harduth

Have received the ring. It was beautiful. I have already sent it off to my brother in Zimbabwe. Thank u very much for your excellent service and patience. Hope to do more business with u.


I just wanted to drop an e-mail and let you know that Pavitra loves her new ring. Thanks again for the efficient, friendly and professional way in which you dealt with us. I really appreciate it.

Kind regards,
Yuvesh Bedassi

I got my ring!!! Barrie proposed on Sunday night - the ring is STUNNING! Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort - i really appreciate it!

Many thanks!

Thank you very much for all that you have done and arranged, I really appreciate your and you companies service. Kind Regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Gary Brown
MAN Truck & Bus South Africa

I would like to just thank you for the beautiful ring you made for my fiancé.


Eks bly om jul in kennis te stel dat ek en my meisie verloof geraak het op die 24ste Oktober 2008. Ekt haar toe op die Eifel Tower in Parys gevra om met my te trou. Sy is ongelooflik gelukkig met die ring. Dit pas haar perfek. Sy se dis presies wat sy wou gehad het, en lyk baie mooi op haar vinger. Ek wil net vir jul dankie se vir die moeite met die ring. Ek weet ek was nie een van die maklikste kliente nie, maar ek moet se dat dit presies is wat ek wou gehad het. Jul kan verseker wees dat ek jul sal aanraai indien ek enige iemand ken wat beplan om verloof te raak. Jul diens is uitstekend! Dankie so baie.

Jan Ehlers

Dankie vir julle goeie diens, dit is 100% reg so!
Ek sal die ring vir julle inbring die 10de maart.

Baie Dankie, Willie

Baie dankie vir die ringe, dit lyk regtig great! presies wat ek wou he! My ring is net te klein, weet nie hoekom nie, maar sal dit laat verander. Dankie vir die uitstekende diens weereens!


Baie dankie vir die ring. Marli is mal daaroor. Dis presies wat sy wou gehad het. Ek weet nie wie die meeste daarna kyk nie - ek of sy. Dis regtig baie mooi.

Patrick Fitzgerald

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the outstanding work you did on the engagement ring for me. I proposed on the 30 December 2008 and she said "Yes", thank goodness and all went really well. The ring fitted perfectly and looks stunning. I have attached a picture of the ring.

Thanks again for your outstanding service.
Justin Fisher

Its beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. Thanks Maryke you are great. Louis wife gave it to me in office today , its really gorgeous, its so shiny. Its really good thanks again. I guess its good bye time now, I feel sad to think I won't be in corespondence with you again. Its really been nice talking to you. You are really great. Thanks a lot immensely, you have been of etrodinary help.

Shene Kurien

Do you remember you designed an engagement ring for me quite a while ago? I have attached the mail. Anyway all went well and we are getting married on the 29th of March. Tamli was very impressed with the ring and we get a lot of compliments about it. I was wondering if you would be able to do wedding bands for us? If you could please could you give me a quote on the following:
For Tamli's ring we would like a gold band with the same shape and thickness as the original engagement ring. For my band I would like a rounded band in matted white gold about 8mm wide. Going from 2mm thick on the edges to thicker in the middle. My size is T.
Please let me know what you think.

Kind regards,
Stuart Elliott

Thank you for the details, I will probably do payment on Monday the 3 December, and confirm collection of the ring. Thank you once again for all the great service.

Best regards
Antin Smith

Ek en Karien wil net graag met julle ons tevredenheid omtrent ons ring deel. Dit is n great ontwerp en die ring lyk regtig asemrowend. Dankie vir julle harde werk en geduld deur al die veranderinge. Ek en Karien is die naweek wat verby is verloof. Sien julle waneer ons die trou pand kom maak.

Vriendelike Groete,
Corrie & Karien

Baie baie dankie!!! Die ring is VERSKRIKLIK MOOI. Wessel is baie in sy skik!!!! Kan nie wag om te hoor wat Tarien van die ring se vannaand. Baie dankie vir die moeite!!

Tess Beukes

Ek wil net vir julle baie dankie se vir julle mooi werk en sal maar muskien die ringsize kom verander sal maar sien glo dis reg. Nicole,baie dankie vir jou werk,ek is baie happy ,of die girl gaan wees,weet ek dit moontlik is soos ek gevra het voorheen kan ek die model kry van die ring, het ook Rhinoceros hier by ons werk kan dit dan gebruik om die pande vir die troudag te beplan, groot asb as jy dit net kan email.

Baie dankie.


Sy is mal daaroor!!!!!!!!!!!! (Wessel het winterskool, het dus nie internet toegang nie..) Dit pas perfek & lyk baie mooi by haar. Dis ‘n ongelooflike mooi ring & die geelgoud lyk baie goed. Weereens baie dankie vir die moeite!! Se dankie vir Nicole ook!


Thnx for all the help Maryke, been a pleasure.