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We do not only create diamond rings and jewellery, we re-create them.

Your grandmother's mother's husband (your great great great grandfather) proposed to her using that diamond engagement ring and then added the diamond wedding ring of the wedding. The long forgotten sister gave her those diamond earrings and her mother the diamond necklace.

Family heirlooms, traditions, generations and jewellery have always walked a path together - hand in hand. However much we want to hold on to old times, we have moved on and times change. You still have that diamond engagement ring, the necklace and other family jewellery safely tucked away in your jewellery box or in a locked safe - never to be used. It may be too small, too big, loose fittings or simply not your style.

Mynhardts diamonds has the perfect solution.


Go find your old forgotten diamond ring and let us blow new life into it using your ideas